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Easter Left Overs

My sister from another mother (you know those kind of relatives) came over today.  We usually meet on Fridays.  We've been getting together since our children were in elementary school (during the summer months in particular).  Today was different because she had an appointment on Friday but wanted to have our weekly gathering.  
Our gatherings usually encompass good wine, a wonderful meal and great conversation.   Today was no different accept for the fact that the meal wasn’t prepared.  I had a ham bone in my freezer leftover from Easter and I wanted to make soup with it. But, I wasn’t sure if she liked it as I did.  So, I waited until she arrived to ask.  So, when I found out she liked split pea soup, I was on my way to preparing the soup in my Instant Pot.
My idea of fast food is to use kitchen gadgets that will expedite my preparation and provide a delicious meal for family and friends. An Instant Pot is one of those gadgets I use on a regularly basis.  When cooking, there is …

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