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Cuba Libre

I started preparing this beverage at least a month before my cruise to Cuba; to get an idea on how to create the drink and to become familiar with the taste.  It is a twist on my college alcoholic drink, coke and rum; the added ingredient is lime.  It is tasty, and it is called Cuba Libre.  “Cuba Libre” is also a documentary film produced by Netflix on the tumultuous 500-year history of Cuba (I later found this documentary while researching the country’s history).  Five friends and I took a 7-day cruise on Royal Caribbean’s “Empress on The Seas.”  It is a small ship  (692 ft) that has a passenger capacity of 1853 and has twelve decks.  The ship was built in 1990 and refurbished in 2016.  Click here to tour the Empress on The Seas.
Our trip took us to Key West, Florida, Labadee, Hati and Havana, Cuba.  I wanted to go on this cruise to learn more about Cuba.   I was also interested in Ernest Hemingway as he lived both in Key West and Cuba.  

Our first port was Key West.  It was 90 degrees…

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